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    We are problem solvers. Going to school, getting a degree, and landing a job simply doesn’t cut it anymore. Plus with the workplace shifts over the course of the next 5-10 years, we knew a bridge had to be built to help teens, their parents and entrepreneurs have more diverse options available to them. TeenTrep is not designed to re-place college. Should you choose to attend college, we are supplementary education with more of an entrepreneurial focus.


    For us, it is about breaking the cycles of the past and forging more productive and sustainable paths for our futures. It is about creating legacy consciousness for our entrepreneurs and the families we work with every day. To provide strong foundations of life skills and business acumen for our leaders of tomorrow.

    We are here to rock the boat. We are here to work with ''world-shapers''. We are here to provide a new pathways to achieving dreams. We are here to spread the message that everyone has a seat at the table.

    Who Is TeenTrep For?

    Ages 14-26 (Pre-teens welcome to apply!!!!!) ​

    You have an idea but aren't sure where to start.


    You are ready to take the business leap and looking for next steps.


    You've leaped and need to tweak your strategy.


    You are looking for inspiration and motivation to keep pushing through the entrepreneur adventure.


    You love to learn and hear real-world strategy from experts who have been there and done that.


    You know you were destined to impact this world and are looking to meet

    ''world-shapers'' like yourself.

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  • John P. Morgan Jr., Entrepreneur & Coach

    Kaye-Cee, is doing very important work in our world with the programs that she is lovingly creating for teens and young adults who will impact our future! -J.P. Morgan Jr.

    Emily Yukich, Attorney, Fox Rothschild, LLP

    Kaye-Cee's TeenTrep Movement, Vision and Actions sincerely give me so much hope for the future of our world and my daughters in particular! -Emily Yukich

    Devon R., Actor/Entrepreneur

    ''Sometimes things just click for you when someone teaches based on their experience. When I was a Sophomore in High School, I remember we had a substitute teacher who was a former NFL player. The authenticity of what he was giving of himself absolutely shined through and shaped who I am today!'' -Devon R.

    Liam M., 4th Grader

    ''I'm currently nine years old and I used to think I hated math until I worked one on one with TeenTrep's Founder, Kaye-Cee Austin. Her way of teaching gave me confidence about math and how I approached doing it. It is now my second favorite subject.'' -Liam M.

    Daniel Jacobs, Co-Founder, Avanoo

    I love what Kaye-Cee Austin has created with TeenTrep! She has a big heart! - Daniel Jacobs

    Genalee P., Teen Entrepreneur

    "I'm currently 16 years old and 11 months ago, my five year old sister and I were living with an aunt who neglected our quality of life and well-being. She would lock us in our home with only fish food to eat. Long story short, I snuck on the internet one day and found TeenTrep. I pieced together $4.94 and snuck out a window to buy ingredients for a basic omelet recipe in one of their courses. My little sister's taste buds were used to fish food though so I made her a ''fish food omelet''. -Genalee

    Eric Zuley, CEO/Founder EZ Way Broadcasting, Inc.

    This company is going places and taking young entrepreneurs with them. Two great leaders paving the path.

    ~Eric Zuley~ CEO/FOUNDER eZWay Broadcasting, INC

    Top Ten most influential on Twitter Published 2015 by Weekly Billboard Magazine

    Joe D., Santa Monica Startup Ecosystem Leader

    "Kaye-Cee Austin is truly passionate about TeenTrep's legacy consciousness movement and to hear her speak on her vision and all that she and her team have seen come to fruition because of it gave me the chills. Her words were truly powerful and severely impacting!" -Joe D.

    Dante Dumas, Director/Writer/Producer

    TeenTrep is an Excellent Startup Company! It gives teens and young adults the motivation and confidence to do more and be more. They are given the tools necessary to build on and follow their dreams! If I had, had a program like this when I was a teen, who knows where in Hollywood I'd be! Two thumbs up!!

     -Dante Dumas

    Renee D., DECA Leader & Teacher

    "TeenTrep's instructors on the platform, truly have a knack for connecting with today's youth. Their messages are thought provoking and motivational, and very real. My students loved this!" -Renee D.

    Jason M., Branding Specialist

    ''My most memorable teen years was when I learned from someone who took the time to tell me a story about something they experienced and how it affected major decisions in their lives.''
    -Jason M.

  • Meet The Team

    Meet the faces behind the magic!

    Kaye-Cee Austin

    Founder & Managing Director

    FaithyJ Jefferies

    Teen Chief Executive Officer & Ambassador​

    Nelson Martinez

    Chief Education Officer

    Laci Kay 

    President, Teen & Young Adult Division ​

    Ivanna Jackson

    TeenTrep Academy Alumni & Brand Ambassador

    Nigel Jackson

    TeenTrep Academy Alumni & Brand Ambassador​

    Joey Luthman

    Happiness Officer & Brand Ambassador​

    Kim Gillis

    TeenTrep Academy Alumni & Brand Ambassador​

    Romane Simon

    Film Direction & Production

    Aly Duran

    Happiness Officer & Brand Ambassador​

    A.J. Green

    TeenTrep Academy Alumni & Brand Ambassador​

    Macario Johnson

    TeenTrep Academy Alumni & Brand Ambassador​

    KK Love

    TeenTrep Academy Alumni



    Sabrina Christian

    Happiness Officer & Brand Ambassador​

    Khalil Rashad

    TeenTrep Academy Alumni​

    MKayla Christian

    Happiness Officer & Brand Ambassador​

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